Women Education Institute

Restoring Lost Childhood

This integrated program on education and community development in Ramwadi, Kashewadi, Parvati, Luhiyanagar and in and around Pune city slum area has been working on preparing children from the underprivileged slum community for formal education and offers education support for school dropouts. As part of its capacity building activity, the program offers the women from the community on community health, childcare and preschool education. In addition, the program sensitizes the community members on health and hygiene matters.

Education and Empowerment

This integrated program on health, education and community development in the slums of pune,Sangli & miraj is holistic program which provides education to underprivileged children vocational training to the youth and women and organized health awareness session and camps for everyone in community. The program also network with private school that conduct classes for underprivileged children after school hour. The organization conducts vocational courses in computers for the youth and school dropout with the aim of providing them with basic livelihood opportunities.

Education Program for Children with Down's condition

This program in Sangli, Miraj, offers special education in keeping with the syllabus prescribed by the schools and Institute for Mental Health to children suffering from Down's condition. Along with special education, the program provides speech therapy, physiotherapy, dental care and pre-vocational training so as to help them become independent. The program's outreach activity identifies, assesses and ensures the reach of special education to places where there are no special schools. Through this outreach aspect, the program offers early intervention support to new born babies (6 months to 3 years) with Down’s condition by assisting them to build their body tone, motor action and stimulate learning ability. The program also provides home management training to the older group (14 years and above) and skill training in tailoring

Lend a Hand for Mentally Retarded & Communication Disordered Children

The aim of this program in Pune, Sangli & Miraj (in and around slum areas) is to mainstream the trainable mentally challenged child by imparting comprehensive training and offering counseling and guidance to the parents. The project is creating awareness among the general public about disability, its causes, rehabilitation procedures and preventive measures and providing pointers about the normal development of a child from 0-12 months of age. The project seeks the participation of the general public in the rehabilitation process of children with mental retardation and multiple disabilities. The program also offers infant stimulation training to children with developmental disabilities.

Education Program for Children with Multiple Disabilities

This program in Pune, Sangli and Miraj (in and around slum areas) is reaching out to those suffering from multiple disabilities like those who are blind and deaf, blind and autistic, blind and mentally challenged and blind with cerebral palsy. The program aims at rehabilitating children and young adults, to learn to communicate, are able to function independently and learn simple self help skills. The program is both home and centre based and reaches out to children and parents by focusing on sensory and motor skill development, early intervention, skill based activities, Braille learning and social interaction through the services of a psychotherapist, physiotherapist, autism therapist and vocational instructor.

Women's Guidance

This program reaches out to very poor women who are in distress. They face problems of domestic violence or marital discord or dowry harassment or custody of children or alcoholism or adultery. The program provides them with counseling services, legal aid and rehabilitation through reconciliation with the family or job placement or temporary shelter or judicial separation/divorce. To create awareness about the status of women, this program is working with different communities in Sangli, Miraj Dictrict. The communities are provided training in leadership roles, family life education, gender sensitization, personality development, health and hygiene, etc.

Self Help program for Women's Empowerment

Our group of women works as educators for vocational training activities, hold meetings on various health issues and provide social intervention for the other affected women in the community. The women are involved in income generating activities like making decorative diyas, rakhis, greeting cards, etc. For the youth of the area, the program conducts vocational training courses in tailoring, beautician and English speaking. During the duration of the course, the project conducts awareness programs on financial and banking investments and procedures, reproductive and child health, women's development, etc.

Women's Development Program

This program at Sangli, Miraj Talukas provides rehabilitation to vulnerable women coming from impoverished families. The women are either those who are released from prison and have nowhere to go, or rescued from sexually exploitative situations, or destitute women vulnerable to crime and prostitution. Since these women lack vocational skills and educational qualifications, the project offers them education, vocational training, employment and counseling services. The women are encouraged to attend literacy and education classes and complete their education through the National Open School program. The vocational skills provided to these women are in embroidery, jewellery making, tailoring, painting, mehndi design and handicraft. A few of the women are placed in the NGO sector. The counseling services re-train these women in socially adaptive behaviour. The women are being trained to re-integrate themselves in the mainstream of society

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