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Tasawwuf aur Insan Dosti (Sufism and Humanism) and welcome the book tasawwuf aur bhakti(2nd Edition)

Welcome of book Tasawwuf aur Bhakti

Shamim Tariq

Left to right shafaqat ahmad shaikh,Latif Magdum, Chairman sufi-foundation,Add. dir. General of Police(Retd.)Ashok Dhivre,shamim Tariq with his book Tasawwuf aur Bhakti,chairman Haji Gulam Mohd. Azam education Trust- Munawar Peerbhoy,Mumtaj Peerbhoy, S M Khan President MCB Golden Jublee Edu. Trust.


   Humanity is faced with complex problems in the modern age. The fact that man is being grinded by gigantic problems like dearness, poverty, ignorance and lack of basic facilities etc is not hidden from any one. If measured from the standard of Human Development Index in terms of health, education and income, the sad fact crops up that we are not in good position. Number of people are illiterate. Thousands of children die due to lack of proper medical facilities. Hundreds of thousands do not have proper food to feed themselves two times a day. Poverty is a great stumbling block and stunts the educational careers of countless promising indian students. Girls of marriageable age cannot get married due to lack of financial resources and dowry etc. There is no public arrangement for looking after widowed, helpless and the poor in society. There is a need to make practical efforts for the welfare of the suffering humanity in these deplorable conditions.

Aims and Objects

Sufi foundation’s render services in the field of public welfare. The objective behind establishment of this Foundation is to arouse feelings of sympathy in human beings, to create atmosphere of mutual love, brotherhood and to work for the establishment of a real Islamic welfare society by including the less privileged sections in the mainstream. The need of such effort is all the more acute in view of the fact that the developing world lacks proper organized arrangements at the official level contrary to the developed world. The sufi Foundation is engaged in the service of humanity by rising above the distinctions of caste, creed, sex, colour and religion.

Aims and Objectives

  • Spread of purposeful, quality and inexpensive education.
  • Provision of scholarships for poor and deserving students.
  • Provision of quality medicine for the destitute.
  • Provision of first aid, blood donation and ambulance service to the injured in case of emergencies and accidents.
  • Female specific welfare plans.
  • Welfare projects for the rights of women and children.
  • Making the orphan and helpless children useful members of society by providing them with education, residence and training.
  • Support and rehabilitation of the victims of natural disasters.
  • Striving for kindling awareness about basic human rights.
  • Provision of clean drinking water in the backward areas.
  • Financial support of the poor and deserving people.
  • Establishment of fund for the marriages of girls of the poor and deserving families.
  • Setting up welfare centers to address the problems of local communities and provision of direct assistance
  • Setting up warehouses for immediate help of the victims of natural calmatives, disasters and emergencies with public cooperation.
  • Our main objects education, livelihood, health, agriculture, financial, and social support etc.

With the above things in mind few years a group of sufi foundation members works as per the capacity and capability on the above aspects. In 2008 we establish officialy sufifoundation as registered trust an NGO non profit organization.

Peace and Co-Existence

How much do we help others?
Man is born with a heart of compassion which reacts in accordance to the feelings of fellow humans. Compassion, love, affection, and care are the innate qualities which make a human. These qualities define man. The development or suppression of these qualities entirely depends on man himself. From time to time, philosophers and religious scholars have tried to encourage people to increase these innate qualities in themselves. Humanity is one such aspect which has been stressed upon in all parts of the world. "Service to Mankind is service to God" is the proverb highly prevalent all over the world. Humanitarianism is considered as service to human beings. The very term human denotes a charitable person. Loving and serving humans is considered of the utmost importance. Uplifting the poor by
providing basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter is the only rule that finds its place in the agenda of serving people. Formed in 2008 the foundation for peace, co-existence and communal harmony and national integration. It has organized and participated in numerous seminars, conference, interreligious meets, rallies to promote social harmony and amity. Our main objects education, livelihood, health, agriculture, financial and support services right and social issues culture and recreation etc. The foundation had carried different programs such as total literacy program, primary education program for children, Workshop-cum-seminar on women rights, Workshop-cum-seminar on environmental cleanliness, Adult educational and development program, counseling centre, women literacy program, educational program, Training-cum-education to street children’s/child labor, Workshop and seminar on promotion of education and literacy program, education-cum-training program for tribes, Workshop-cum-seminar on poverty alleviation, Workshop-cum-seminar on technological interventions in agriculture, Seminar on bio-diversity, Conservation and eco-development through watershed management, Workshop and baseline survey on sanitation and safe drinking water, Workshop-cum-seminar on cancer and aids awareness. Sufi foundation implemented the program under the sub committees formed by managing committee of the trust is as below
1.Vidya Ankur
2.Woman Education Institute
3.Ankur Rular Health Centre

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